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WI Fall Seminar
September 26-27, 2015
Shane Decker & Doug Hucker
Kalahari Resort
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Smart Jewelry Show
April 10-12, 2016
Navy Pier in Chicago, IL

JCK Las Vegas
June 3 – 6, 2016
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV


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Welcome to the Minnesota / North Dakota Jewelers Association!

Changing & Growing With the Times

For the past 111 years, the MN/ND Jewelers Association has served the jewelry industry and its members. The rich history of this Association was celebrated at the 100th Anniversary in 2004, and highlighted the retailers, suppliers and manufacturers who have impacted this industry in both MN and ND. This has been quite a journey, as we’ve all had to adapt to the changes in business and the way our world now operates.

With the advent of the Internet and E-Commerce, the world has become a smaller place. Overnight shipping and electronic orders have delivered products to our doors in hours, ready to meet the needs of the jewelers and the wants of the customers. And, where everyone once came to our Annual Tradeshow to see and order new products, members are now restocking inventory online or through buying groups. Times have changed how we replenish our inventory.

Years back, our board was geographically located around our states, so there was a face to face Board relationship with our members. Those regional roles were replaced with conference calls, email and Facebook communications. Educational opportunities are now online, and our jewelers take courses and learn new skills online rather than in a seminar. Where we use to publish articles in monthly trade journals, we now send out -blast and Constant Contact Alerts to our members. Times have changed how we learn and communicate.

So, the time has now come that we move from a "state" based organization to a "regional" one. The MN/ND Jewelers was unable to sustain the trade show and other events, and our membership has dwindled. We are now joining forces with Wisconsin as a Regional Association, and we know that Mary Kaja will take care of all the jewelers in the Midwest!

Your next dues statement will come from the Midwest Jewelers Association, which will be based out of Wisconsin. You will have the same member benefits, along with some new ones, and the same relationship with Jewelers of America that you’ve always had. We will be transferring your store information to the Midwest Jewelers Association to keep you linked to other jewelers. For more information, contact Mary Kaja at 608-257-3541 or visit their website at www.wisconsinjewelers.org. We will also keep you abreast of the changes thru September 30th at www.MN-NDjewelers.org.

We are changing and growing with the times – please join us!